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Van der Valk Corporate Sales supplies a booking engine that uses browser support.
This means that the operation has been tested and improvements in the biweekly updates have been extensively tested.
Van der Valk Corporate Sales guarantees functionality and operation for most browsers.

For most browsers, Van der Valk Corporate Sales guarantees the functionality and operation. Since 1 February 2020, the minimum browser support has been given for versions from:

  • Internet Explorer: IE 11
  • Edge: last 2 versions (18.18362 en 18.18363)
  • Chrome (Windows): last 2 versions ( en
  • Firefox (Windows): 72.0 en 73.0
  • Safari (OS Catalina): latest version

We guarantee the following mobile browsers as standard:

  • Safari (iOS): last 2 versions
  • Safari (in-app)
  • Samsung Internet: last 2 versions (10.2 en 11.0)
  • Chrome (Android 10): latest version
  • Android Webview: last 3 versions (8.0, 9.0 en 10.0)

If your organisation has older browsers, it is possible that some functions do not work as well. If this is the case, we advise you to inform your system administrator of the above-mentioned browser support. Your system administrator will be able to help you update your browser.